What We Do

London Psychotherapy Group offers a therapeutic approach based on our understanding of the way people relate.

Our aim is to:

We offer (in person and/or through Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or by telephone):

Individual psychotherapy
Brief, medium and long-term.
Group psychotherapy
There is increasing evidence that group psychotherapy is as effective as individual therapy.
Couple & Family therapy
Including being a parent and the impact of family.
Parent-infant psychotherapy
For parents with infants under 12 months.
Individual and group supervision.
Mentoring and coaching
Career development and change; communication skills.
Workplace discussion
Staff support, work discussion and reflective practice groups.

Important aspects of how we work include:

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For further information or to arrange an initial consultation please contact us. General enquiries.

Roselyn Abbott - London Psychotherapy Group Therapist
Joan Fogel - London Psychotherapy Group Therapist
Roselyn Abbott
Joan Fogel
07763 916 877
07887 545 703

London Psychotherapy Group is based in:

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